Zara Home Launches Perfume Collection

Zara Home Launches Perfume Collection

Zara Home has launched a collection of personal perfumes. You are probably thinking, Zara already sold perfumes so whats new this time? Zara Home Launches Perfume Collection

Zara Home Perfume Collection is actually quite different. It depicts the personal and private feelings that we have for our home. I always say that smells and music bring back memories. Especially perfumes. We are always reminded of an important occasion while wearing a certain perfume.

Zara Home Launches Perfume Collection

Zara Home Perfume Collection offer six different fragrances which are unisex, carefully developed by perfumersZara Home Launches Perfume Collection

Alberto Morillas: Editorial Twist and Aqua Bergamota

Jerome Epinette: Tonka Wood, Floral Mustery, Absolutely Sublime and Cuir Velvet.

My personal favourite is Floral Mystery as I feel its more close to being quite feminine.

Zara Home Launches Perfume Collection

“While everyone sleeps, the meadows come to life. The morning dew glistens in the pale sunlight and wild flowers away in the summer breeze. A time to feel the soft, damp part under bare feet and to breathe in deeply, feeling the gentle transition from the world of dreams to the light of day” 


Top Notes: Lemon, Blackcurrant, Lotus Flower

Heart Notes: Peony, Bamboo, Spring Magnolia

Base Notes: White Woods, Amber, Pink Peach.

Each perfume has a fresh feeling to it. These are light fragrances and not very strong for our sense of smell. They are best for using daily owing greatly to their quality and affordable prices.

You can buy Zara Home Perfume Collection right HERE.

This is a PR Sample.


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