How To Avoid An ‘Elle Darby’ Situation

blogger elle darby dublin hotel controversy

Recently a blogger, Elle Darby, has come under fire for contacting a hotel for a potential collaboration. I didn’t know Elle before this controversy but she’s definitely as great as any other bloggers I’ve seen around. Seeing a certain age group of people bashing and thrashing her, I thought maybe I should tell them where they are wrong. Although they’re all entitled to their own opinion but being rude is just not on. blogger elle darby dublin hotel controversy

Introduction to Blogging:

If you are a blogger or someone young, you know what blogging is. It comes from a word called web-log that means leaving a log of your interests etc on the web/internet. blogger elle darby dublin hotel controversy

In the olden days it was very common to do the same in a journal or a scrap book or a diary. These days its mostly done on the internet. e.g. if you like gardening and you want to make other people’s lives easier by sharing your tips, instead of writing a book you can just have an online website to do just that.

Although you can also write a book but a blog is free for others and much more accessible.

Why Is Blogging A Full Time Job:

A few weeks ago I was at a Botanical Skincare Course at a local community centre. It was 7-8 of us, out of which 6 people were well over the age of 50. As we introduced ourselves, I introduced myself as a Beauty Blogger.  blogger elle darby dublin hotel controversy

During the break a lady asked me ‘what I did’. I said ‘Beauty blogging’. And her response was very sarcastic ‘no I mean what do you really do?’ I tried to explain her why its a full time job, she didn’t understand anything. I thought I’ll just waste my time telling her why its an actual job so I respectfully changed the subject. blogger elle darby dublin hotel controversy

So if you don’t understand why its a full time job, I’ll explain it to you in easy words.

You read newspapers and magazines every day. There’s a writer, an editor, a photographer and some other people who are assigned different jobs. In blogging, a blogger does all of those jobs alone. A blogger is a writer, an editor, a photographer, an IT person, all in all a creative content maker.

I hope that makes it easier for you to understand why its a full time job.

How Do Bloggers Make Their Money

When you read newspapers and magazines, you see so many ads and endorsements. This is how more or less bloggers also make their money. We endorse brands and charge them money. Although bloggers ar such more honest in their reviews and writings.

Many journalists are sent on tours, travels and hotel visits to places in exchange of a mention in the newspaper.

Bloggers work in the same way. Its funny how some people think its ok for newspapers and magazines to do that but a blogger is taken as a ‘disgusting freeloader‘. Not OK.

Bloggers: How To Avoid An Elle Darby Situation

This section is purely for bloggers.

Such a situation is good for exposure but bad for your sanity. Anyone who suffers from anxiety can have sleepless nights over this kind of a fame.

Although I have all the support for Elle, but I must agree, her email was not up to the mark and could have been much better.

Here are some ways to avoid this kind of a situation.


Before you send anyone a detailed email offering a collaboration, send an email with just one sentence.

“Dear Sir/Madam,

Do you work with bloggers/influencers?

Kind regards

Full Name & website”

This email will save you from any nasty people who don’t know anything about blogging.

Media Kit

Have a media kit professionally made so if the answer comes back as ‘Yes’, you can simply send them a nice email with your media kit that has details of your traffic, social media following and any previous collaborations.

Make sure your media kit is simple and attractive.

Proof Reading

Proof read your emails for any spellings or grammatical errors.

How To Deal With Hate

Best way to deal with hateful comments or nasty people is to just ignore them. Yes. Some people are on the internet just to troll. This is their agenda. We naturally try to clear and correct their concept but thats not what they are there for.

If you have anything to add to this post, please comment below.

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1 Discussion on “How To Avoid An ‘Elle Darby’ Situation”
  • Great advice Natasha!

    In addition to your points, I think Elle’s situation was unique; that particular business owner is known for using controversy to get people talking about his business. Even bad press is good press –at the time of writing this comment, White Moose Cafe’s site is down due to exceeded bandwidth consumption.

    This particular business owner lies in wait for opportunities to polarise anyone that will hear him speak. No email formula could have prevented that for Elle (hers wasn’t bad), although some basic research sure would have! He’s a Google Search page one repeat offender –no one is safe.

    He’s beaten his chest over breastfeeding mums and asking for doctor’s notes from customers who want gluten free items. Anything for a headline.

    All in all, a great blogging case study. Do research, or get an agent!
    Mike | Hobo with a Laptop recently posted…Want to Be a Copywriter? Here’s 21 Writing Tips to Make It HappenMy Profile

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