The Curious Comb Review: Hair Salon in Greenwich, London

hair salon greenwich london

Address5 – 7 Hazel Ln, London SE10 9EF

Opening Times: 8:am – 8pm

Last Friday I made my way to The Curious Comb in Greenwich, London for a much needed and an exclusive  hair makeover.

Its not in a very central location so I took Bus 422 from North Greenwich station on Jubilee Line as per the TFL journey planner, to get there. It wasn’t hard to get there. It was pretty easy. You can also use the Maze Hill station and walk it from there. Simple.

As I entered the salon, it was all decorated in vintage. I love vintage!

A lovely lady took my coat and asked me if I wanted a drink. I opted for a Cappaccino. It was very cold outside. The cup was also in a vintage design. I fell in the love with that too.

hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-28 hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-30

hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-2 hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-3 hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-7 hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-6


hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-18 hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-23 hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-14


Without wasting any time the Art Director, Charlotte Davey, had a colour consultation with me and I blindly went with her choice. It was totally worth it.

As the needful was being done, I sipped on my coffee. I couldnt help but notice the amazing decor at The Curious Comb.

At the end I was given a nice blow dry by Tenna with a Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer and while this was being done, I sipped on some Apple and Cinnamon Tea.

I was spoilt!

The general attitude of the staff was very friendly. They were all experts at what they were doing

This was my first ever colour session at a salon and I loved every bit of it. As someone who geneticly has pre mature grey hair, I try to colour them a less as possible. But I think that is going to change now. Flamboyage is like the olden day streaking that I used to love so much. It does not touch all of your hair which means its great.

hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-15 hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-17 hair-salons-in-greenwich-east-london-the-curious-comb-vintage-16

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