The Latest Wonders of Beauty Industry


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The earliest archaeological traces of beauty products date all the way back to 4000 BC, Egypt, which is no wonder, since in our knowledge ancient Egyptians were obsessed with self-image. The beginning of beauty industry, similar to the one we know today, was in early 1900s. Since then, we’ve been seeing a lot of miracle working products, so it may seem as there is nothing left to surprise us.

If you think like that, you are dead wrong. Professionals from beauty industry are constantly developing new products and methods designed to enhance one’s beauty. Here are some of the latest surprises.

The Mighty Clay


Clay is hardly a new thing in the beauty industry, but it is only now that we are really starting to grasp its true potential. There are various types of these mineral earths, and being natural and raw makes them ideal for sensitive skin. Clays are rich with various minerals, such as copper, silica, calcium, iron, magnesium and a whole range of other nourishing substances. Depending on the prevailing mineral, clays can be used for everything from face cleansing to solving severe skin conditions.

The Potent Mineral Oils


Mineral oils gained a pretty bad rep for being a byproduct of the petroleum industry, but truth be told, it was rather undeserved. They are purified before they even get to be called cosmetic products, so there are no dangers in using them. We all know how important it is for the skin to be hydrated – it is the foundation of a healthy appearance and decisive for how the makeup will appear on your skin. The best way to lock the moisture in is by using mineral oils.

The Intelligent Skincare


In the era of smartphones, smart TVs and smart habits, it is no wonder that skincare too became smart, but how is that even possible? If you are imagining tiny computers fixing your complexion, you are using your imagination way too much. Fountain cosmetics offers products that use neuropsychological agents and anti-aging ingredients to bring a new, fresh and youthful appearance to your skin.

Stem Cell Therapy


Another growing trend in beauty industry is using stem cells to rejuvenate the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. This treatment is available in products, such as creams, but it can also be found in form of injections. The end results provide you with wrinkles that are less visible in less than a month and your skin regains its elasticity.

International Beauty


One of the rising trends of the cosmetic industry is the globalization of the market which brings along new fresh ideas from countries other than U.S., Australia, France, etc. Now, we’re looking towards Korea and its ginseng packed products which provide intense rejuvenation. Another interesting direction to look at is Brazil, where women spend more time and money on beauty than the average European. Keratin hair products are still the most popular thing coming from Brazil, but soon we’ll see a lot more of the face and body formulas from this country.

Skin Serums


Skin serums have been present for a while now, but they are becoming more popular and more efficient with each passing day. Basically, they are concentrated products that target a specific skin issue (e.g. aging, acne, etc.). With their tiny molecules, they penetrate deep into the skin and deliver a strong hit of active ingredients, which are more or less effective, depending on the product and your skin reaction to it. Still, we can only hope these serums will become more effective and precise in the future, with further research and testing.

As you see, cosmetic industry has yet a lot of new things to offer, and we were just scratching the surface here. In such a wide array like this, there is a perfect product for anyone.

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