The Modern Way To Break The Big Wedding News

Tradition plays a huge role in weddings. Most brides still wear white and adhere to the something borrowed, something new philosophy. More than anything, these small touches make the day special.

And, these apply throughout the lead-up, too. Even though we now create a Facebook event page for most occasions, we still opt to send our wedding invitations through the mail. It may not be the fastest form of communication, but it’s special, and that’s exactly how a big day should be. Plus, designing stunning invitations is one of the best parts of planning. It’s the first opportunity you have to show people what they can expect from your day.

But, if you want your wedding to reflect you, it would be inaccurate to remove technology altogether. After all, the vast majority use it on a daily basis. The good news is, this doesn’t mean you have to forego tradition. Instead, consider when you could find a place for technology in your plans.

A fantastic option would be to announce your engagement online. As well as being a good way to incorporate technology, this is a stress-free way to spread the news.

And, with the vast opportunities online, there are a few fun ways to break the news. We’re going to look at some of them here.

The Relationship Changer

Let’s be honest; we’ve all dreamt about changing our relationship status to ‘engaged’. As you get older and more of your friends take this step, the ‘in a relationship’ status no longer cuts it. Well, now is your time. And, changing your status to engaged is an easy way to spread the news. Bear in mind that this is quite a depersonalised method. As such, you may want to contact your nearest and dearest beforehand to provide a personal touch. But, for friends and acquaintances, this is sure to go down well.

A Fun Profile Picture

Your profile picture says a lot about who you are online. So, why not change it to a picture which gives the game away? You could do the traditional engagement ring snap, or have fun with this. Why not hold up a sign saying ‘soon to be married’, or get your pets to do it for you. Or, perhaps you could take a picture recreating the big moment. You could even buy one of many engaged mugs out there, and hold it up with your ring hand! Whatever you do, you need to feature the ring in there somewhere. Otherwise, people may fail to get your drift!

An Instagram Story

Along the same lines, you could announce the news via an Instagram story. This is fantastic because it allows you a few different pictures in which to break the news. Hence, you can have a little more fun. You could post pictures throughout the day with hints, and reveal the ring right at the end. Then, you could have fun reading all the guesses!

Bear in mind that Instagram stories only last for one day. As such, not everyone will get the chance to see this. It might be worth posting a permanent picture after the big reveal, just to be on the safe side.

Create a hashtag

Nothing’s happening these days unless it has a hashtag. So, why not create a hashtag for your big day? This is an excellent way of breaking the news, as well as ensuring people can keep in contact in the easiest possible way. Any wedding related chats can come complete with your hashtag. You never know, with a bit of luck, you could get your engagement trending! Take time to think about creative hashtags which would get your message across in the right way. Something short and snappy is a must. #mrandmrs could work well, or something along those lines.

Make a wedding board on Pinterest

Sometimes, it’s best to go at these things head on. And, what better way than to create a Pinterest board themed around weddings? Of course, you may want to include a few pictures of your own in there, just to confirm. Some people do decide to go down this route with no wedding on the horizon. But, if a picture of you and your groom pops up, people are sure to get the hint.

Bear in mind that, when you start to narrow down your options, you may need to set the board to private. After all, you don’t want to give the game away too soon. But, when you’re just looking at a few broad ideas, there’s nothing wrong with making this public.

Get Blogging

Or, you could make a wedding blog, and announce the news there. A domain name doesn’t cost much, and you generally pay for the year. So, you could create a blog, and keep it going during the lead-up. This would be a fun way to keep everyone up to date about what’s happening.

To get them to click on the link, post it on a social media platform without announcing what it is. When they click on it, they’ll be in for a surprise. To make things even more fun, pick a domain name with no relation to weddings. Otherwise, you’ll give the game away!

Your Own YouTube Video

And, of course, we couldn’t make this list without mentioning YouTube. Everyone is a budding filmmaker these days. So, announcing your engagement this way could be a whole load of fun. If you managed to film the event, you could always upload that and share the special moment. Or, if you prefer to keep that private, you could try your hand at acting.

As with your Instagram story, your choices here are endless. You could make a silent movie, where your man has to rescue your ring from peril. Or, you could recreate the big moment with some added theatrics. Or, you could just come right out and say it. Whatever you choose, this is sure to be a fun viewing experience for those who matter most.

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