Dreamy Holiday Jewelry To Add to Your Wish List

With the summer holiday season well and truly here, it’s time to start packing the suitcase for your getaway.

With that said, you may be wondering what this year’s biggest Holiday Jewelry trends are when it comes to accessorizing your outfits.

2019 has both some fun and classic styles to work with, so there’s plenty of choice for mixing up your looks.

Pearl of the Sea

After their huge popularity in the early noughties, pearls are back on the scene.

Luckily, the current pearl trend doesn’t feature nearly as many chunky and garnish pieces as it did over 10 years ago.

Now, we’re treated to far more demure and classy looks when it comes to pearls.

Spruce up any outfit with an elegant pearl bracelet or some tasteful drop earrings and you’ll be the most stylish person around the pool this year.

Sweet and Simple Holiday Jewelry

A look that will never go out of style, simple jewelry will always be a go-to look for most of us.

Delicate rings with dainty silver necklaces give a whimsical look to your holiday outfits.

Therefore it is ideal when you’re going out for dinner in the evening.

Plus, opting for more simple holiday jewelry pieces means you can work on your layering and stacking.

Wearing 3 or 4 necklaces of varying lengths paired with a few stacked rings gives a noticeable Boho-chic twist to your holiday wardrobe.

Fruity Favorites

If you’re after something a little more eye-catching, look no further than fruity jewelry.

Cute fruit-themed necklaces and earrings are all the rage and will give your outfit that final summery touch.

These pieces look especially good when paired with more simple outfits as the novelty look of the fruit jewelry has the chance to take center stage.

These accessories are great for the days you’re out exploring whatever destination you’re off to.

Hair Hype Holiday Jewelry

Not to be missed out this year, our hair is finally getting some much-needed accessory attention.

Things like hair jewels are popping up on catwalks and fashion shows alike.

You can pick up relatively inexpensive hair jewels and clips at your local high street or online store.

Hair jewels and clips are great for when you’re on holiday. It means you don’t just have to scrape your hair up into the usual ponytail.

Instead, clip your hair back with one of these fashionable hair accessories to keep your outfit looking effortless.

No matter where you’re jetting off to this year, make sure you pick up a few of these on-trend pieces.

With these holiday jewelry pieces, you can make sure your wardrobe is looking picture-perfect ready!

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