Erborian Korean Skin Care Haul & Review

Erborian Korean Skin Care Haul & Review. The beautiful label Erborian combines the east with the west. You get the best Korean skincare technology made with traditional ingredients and has a touch of French luxury and quality control standards. Here we have five radiant face creams to give you a baby soft skin, leading to a blemish-free glow.

CC Cream Doré

The gorgeous thing about CC Cream Doré is the SPF25 gives the skin a bronze shade while keeping it protected from the elements outdoors. You can repair your skin and give it an ultra-soft and spotless finish. The cream has anti-ageing active ingredients and helps increase the collagen production to keep you looking younger. Now you can hide your imperfections when worn under your makeup or dare to go bare.

Pink Perfect Crème

Nothing comes more wonderful than the Pink Perfect Crème from Erborian. The emulsion has Japanese camellia popular for its anti-ageing properties. The crème is not greasy and keeps the skin hydrated, soft, and helps blur out fine lines and pores. You can apply it before your makeup or use it on its own for a perk-me-up. It’s also perfect for photography makeup, for example, bridal makeup. Erborian Korean Skin Care Haul & Review

BB Crème Nude                                                                                                    

The BB Crème Nude is ideal to use as a make-up base and has SPF 20 to protect the skin keeping it hydrated. You can transform your skin with a soft finish and the traditional herbs take care of the rest. The emulsions packed with ginseng, liquorice, and ginger. The formula leaves the skin energised, revitalised and reduces production of melanin. Therefore, if you need an all-natural face crème, this is the one to have.

Glow Crème

Give your face a fresh complexion with Erborian Glow Crème. Your skin will look glowing and soft. The fusions enriched with liquorice that helps to brighten, moisturise, and beautify it. The best of all it does not block the pores and safe for all skin types to use. You can use it as a daily moisturiser and ideal to cover up blemishes. Erborian Korean Skin Care Haul & Review

Matte Crème

To even out your complexion and mattify the skin you need the Erborian Matte Crème. The cream has a fantastic formulation with White Water Lily extract to keep the skin hydrated. Once applied it leaves an unnoticeable film on the skin to blur out imperfections and pores. The crème gives a matte finish and is great to help prepare the skin before applying makeup. Erborian Korean Skin Care Haul & Review


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