Erborian Magic Transformask Review

Written By April Bura

The Erborian Magic Transformask is unlike any mask I’ve tried before! It is a fun, youthful and super effective mask product from the Eborian Korean Skin Therapy brand. But it’s more than that; from the cute simple packaging to the adorable hair bow with “Ok, Let’s do this” embroidered on one side to keep your hair away from the mask; I was in love at first sight. The whole experience was fun and easy!

A little bit about Erborian:

Erborian was founded in 2007 by French skincare expert Katalin Berenyi and Korean scientist Hojung Lee. Because of this Erborian combines the ritualistic expertise of Asian skincare with the ease and simplicity of the European market. Erborian were the first to introduce BB creams to Europe and continue to develop sell-out cult products year after year.

The Erborian Magic Transformask:

Korean skincare can be a little daunting at the same time as it is fascinating. I mean, most beauty enthusiasts have heard of the 12 step skincare routine! Now, the Erborian Magic Transformask is meant to consolidate an entire Korean beauty routine into one single product. It has a dual-transformation texture to combine the benefits of a cleanser with that of a skin-perfecting mask. Result: a truly dazzling complexion. True to its Korean roots, the mask is enriched with 7 herbs that soothe and nourish.

Applying the Magic Transformask:

It is super simple to apply the Erborian Magic Transformask.

  • Apply the gel mousse generously to a dry face. The gel traps up dust and impurities that the skin gathers during the day.
  • Leave to dry for 10 minutes. the gel transforms from nearly sheer into a white sparkly powder. That process removes excess sebum and helps to fight blemishes and dilated pores.
  • Wash off. The powder transforms again, this time into a milky film that gives way to fine rose-gold ‘pearlizers’ for a glowy effect.

Because of those ‘pearlizers’ I will warn you that it may be a Marmite product that you love or hate depending on your views on glitter. I’m not talking 90’s gel shimmer with gigantic flecks, but rather a super-fine shimmer. I felt a little like Edward from Twilight for a moment as the mask dried, whitened, and sparkled in the sunlight. A faint shimmer stayed on my skin and fingertips even after rinsing the mask off.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that a bit of shimmer can really brighten up the skin’s appearance. Highlighting products often do the same thing. And also, I will say that a single layer of foundation more-or-less completely muted the majority of the glitter.

Shimmer aside, my skin felt absolutely refreshed and cleansed after the mask experience.

Does this sound like a product you might try? Let me know in the comments below!

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