Interview With Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Star: Donatella Panayiotou

Interview With Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Star: Donatella Panayiotou

Donatella Panayiotou is a British music host currently starring in the famous VH1’s hit show ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’. She has interviewed many music artists in her career. I recently caught up with her for an interview.

How did you get into hosting?

I studied Broadcast Journalism. Whilst I was studying, I was doing work experience at a TV production company.

I would practice for hours with the talkback and autocue. I loved it. I initially started with smaller hosting gigs until 2008 when I began producing my own online content. That was the real turning point.

What hurdles did you face during your journey?

I have faced too many to mention. Every hurdle you can imagine: physical health, mental health, sabotage, financial problems, the list is endless.

The hurdles are what makes the victories so much sweeter though.

What did you learn from your failures?

Every single failure is a lesson. I take pleasure in finding the positive out of every negative. 

In your view, what is woman empowerment?

I think it’s just about knowing that you can do or be anything you want in this life. 

What are your thoughts on feminism?

I’m feminist even if I don’t agree with everything all feminists stand for. I think that’s the beautiful thing about it.

We are all free to live how we choose to live and have our own perspectives. As long as we are not hurting anyone, let us be who we want to be. We are all equal.

What is the secret to a successful life?

Believe in yourself. Nobody can take that away from you.

What is your beauty regime?

I, of course, cleanse tone and moisturize.

I use a home-made face mask once a week with apple cider vinegar.

I try to get a facial done once a month. 

What is your fashion style?

It depends how I’m feeling on that day because it can go from rudely casual to offensively overdressed. 

Where can people follow you?

My social media handle is @littledonatella across all platforms.

What is your message to people who would like to take up hosting as a career?

Pick a niche and build on that. Make your own reel or start applying for smaller jobs that will build up footage for your reel and experience. 

What is your message to women in general?

You are ALL beautiful. 

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Interview With Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Star: Donatella Panayiotou Interview With Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Star: Donatella Panayiotou

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