Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review

Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review

Although its going to be Christmas very soon but a party look is needed throughout the year. My today’s post is how to create the perfect party look on a budget.

First of all, I never used essence makeup before so this was my first time with the brand. I also want to say that before using these products I never knew what price range these products fell under.

I was off to the launch of Nordic Bakery in Covent Garden and thought to give this collection a try. So as per my habit of doing my makeup on the train, I put it all in my makeup bag.

Yes, as funny as it may sound, TFL rail was the first place where I tried these products.

Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review

Here’s how I created this look: Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review

My Thoughts On Essence Party Makeup: Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review

After using these products, I could not tell how much they cost. I certainly thought they were over £6 each because the quality is so good. Trust me, these are all well under £3. Boy am I impressed!

Blush: The essence mosaic blush 20 is just perfect. I love peach toned blushes on my skin tone. They look very subtle and summery. Don’t be afraid to layer this blush up for perfect photos on your party.

Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review

Mascara: Now, this must be the biggest bristles I’ve seen on a mascara. It literally does what it says on the tin. It gives great volume to the lashes. For perfect party lashes, don’t forget to curl your lashes with a lash curler first.

Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review

Lipstick: I will admit, when I applied this lipstick I was disappointed. I’m not fan of tinted-balm-like lipsticks. I love rich lipsticks.

But after a while when I checked myself in the mirror, I totally loved it. Its perfect for party makeup when you want your lips to look shiny and sultry.

Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review

Nail Polish: The essence nail polish is one more thing that did not fail to impress me. It is a great gel nail polish, just parallel to any other expensive drug store nail polish.

Yes, I messed it up a little bit in the picture below, but its of a perfect quality.

Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review

Lip Liner: The Essence lip liner is very rich and a great shade of pink. Its retractable and perfect for travelling.

Essence Party Makeup Swatches & Review

Find All Essence Makeup Right Starting From £1 Right Here.

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