How to Dress Vintage Everyday

Vintage fashion can be elegant, beautiful, and simply fun to wear. However, if you are just getting into vintage fashion, it can be a little intimidating. After all, how do you wear vintage fashion without looking like you’re in full costume each day? How do you make it look effortless and beautiful? Worry not because in this article, we are going to take a look at how you can dress vintage every day and pull it off.

Shop Around

Before you start dressing vintage, you need to own vintage pieces. However, running to your nearest department store doesn’t always do the trick. Luckily, though, there are some shops around that specialize in vintage fashion. Of course, you can also find these shops online which makes your search much easier. Unfortunately, these can be a bit expensive. However, we recommend that you take a look at thrift stores as they can have inexpensive and invaluable finds.

Make Your Own

If you are a more creative person or just interested in learning a new skill, you might want to try your hand at making your own vintage clothing pieces. There are plenty of patterns online and you can even add on handmade personalized clothing labels to mark your creations as your own.

However, you can also use your sewing machine to rework vintage clothing. This can be something as simple as readjusting the sizing so that the piece fits you properly or you can add a unique and modern twist to the piece.

Highlight Your Key Pieces

When you are choosing your outfit in the morning, don’t try to highlight everything in your closet. Instead, try choosing a piece that you want to highlight for the day. For example, if you have a big, leopard print faux fur coat that you want to wear, don’t drown it out with the use of other bold, vintage piece. In the case of the aforementioned coat, for example, keep it simple and wear solid black to highlight the piece.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Contemporary Edge

When you are dressing vintage, don’t be afraid to blend your style into the contemporary world around you. For example, pair your favourite 1950s pin-up dress with a modern makeup trend like a smokey eye. This not only gives a twist to an age-old style but it also makes sure that your outfit doesn’t take on a costume appearance. You can also dress up a vintage outfit with modern accessories.

Mix and Match Decades

Much like adding a contemporary edge to your outfit, you can also add in some pieces from other decades as well. Of course, if you are truly a purist in your fashion, this will make your look a little less authentic. However, this technique does make your shopping a little easier as you won’t be limited to a single decade. You should consider, though, focusing the key pieces of your wardrobe on the decade that you want your fashion style to emulate.

Dress in What You’re Comfortable In

Finally, make sure that whatever you wear, you are comfortable in. This actually works in two parts. First, you should make sure that the clothes you are wearing are comfortable physically. If the seams are too tight or the material too stiff, for example, you won’t feel very beautiful in your outfit. As we mentioned earlier, this can be combated by revising existing outfits or creating your own with the help of your sewing machine.

In another sense, though, you need to be able to wear pieces that you find attractive. This means that if you find an appropriate period piece that you love – great! However, if you find the perfect period piece that would complete your wardrobe but you don’t feel beautiful or even comfortable in it, you might want to leave it on the rack.

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