How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger In 3 Ways

Whether you like eye makeup or not, the most problems we encounter regarding bigger eyes is that the focus is always on using makeup. While makeup can be fun, it’s not something all of us use every day. I myself prefer going the natural way most of the time. Here I will show you some useful tips in helping you to make your eyes look bigger the natural way and also some fun makeup tips for those times you feel like trying something new.

Framing The Eyes

Shaping your eyebrows will help in making your eyes stand out more. Well manicured eyebrows will make your eyes look bigger. If you do not like plucking your brows, then you can shape them with a wet Q-tip, or just rub some gel on them to keep them in place.  Always remember to brush your brows at an upwards and outwards angle.

Using The Smallest Amount of Products

Use petroleum jelly on your fingertips and put it onto your eyelids, a small amount of concealer can be applied to the below area of your eyes to cover up any bags from late nights. Apply some petroleum jelly to your fingertips and curl your lashes with the jelly against the eyelash. Or you can just use an eyelash curler by applying some petroleum jelly to it, but not too much.

Using Makeup

When using makeup, rather use mineral makeup that will highlight your eyelids and provides a more natural look and much healthier for your skin. Use light eye shadows ranging in the colours beige, cream and white under the lower lashes. Prevent from heaping up your eyelashes with black or brown mascara as this will make your eyes look unnatural.

Finally, if you prefer using makeup or just going with the natural look your eyes can still look bigger and sexy without spending too much on the skin and makeup products.

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