Interview With Actor Model Anuj Choudhry of Mirzya

anuj choudhry interview

Anuj Choudhry Interview: Anuj Choudhry is an actor and model from India. I spoke to Anuj upon release of his movie Mirzya where he plays a supporting role. I actually enjoyed his acting more than anyone else in the film. anuj choudhry interview

Mirzya is based on a Punjabi folklore called Mirza Sahibaan. Although many movies, plays and dramas have been made on this folklore but the only version I’ve ever watched is one from 1947, starring our lovely Malika e Tarranum Noor Jehan and Trilok Kapoor. This was Noor Jehan’s last movie before Indo-Pak partition in 1947. We dearly miss her. anuj choudhry interview

Leading roles have been played by Anil Kapoor’s son Harshvardhan Kapoor and Top Indian model Saiyami Kher. Mirzya has been directed by Rakyesh Om Prakesh Mehra’s. It also stars Art Malik, a British actor of Indian Summers fame and Om Puri who needs no introduction. anuj choudhry interview

Mirzya also incorporates Mythology which sets the film apart from other bollywood films.

anuj choudhry

Tell us a bit about your early life.

I was born in Prestwich, Manchester. My parents lived in England at the time. I was raised in New Delhi. 
I studied Business management with Sports studies from Manchester Metropolitan University. My parents are working professionals. My mother is a teacher trainer and my father is a photographer. I have one sister Himanshi Choudhry who is also a performing artist.

When did you know you wanted to act or become an actor?

Not very long ago. Becoming of anything is a process and there’s a lot more to explore.

How did you land yourself a role in Mirzya?

There were auditions going on by the casting director Mr. Dilip shanker so I decided to take part.
Have you worked in films before or acted before or done modeling or anything related to showbiz.
Yes I have worked on various projects namely
  • Straight by Parvati Balagopalan 2009
  • Angry Indian Goddesses by Pan Nalin 2015
There are more acting related projects which are coming soon. I have been modelling and acting since 2007.
What was it like to work with Rakyesh Mehra?

A gift, an open play field to play and perform. He is all about love and grace when it comes to his team. His actors definitely get more of both than others.

What was it like to work with Harshvardhan and especially Saiyami?

Harsh and Saiyami both are strong and graceful individuals. Harsh was a pleasure to work with.

I had the opportunity to work with Saiyami more because it was demanded by the script. She is very giving and has tremendous potential as you can clearly see.

What personally touched you about the film?

Our younger actors (all the kids in the film), the co-actors, learnt a lot about myself through horses in this project. Also been given the opportunity to interpret Gulzarji’s lines via our captain of the ship, Mr Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra.

Whom among actors, actresses and directors do you think you really want to work with?

There are so many actors and actresses i would like to work with. I’m sure we can tell in due course.

Miss Parvati, Mr pan Nalin, Mr Dilip shanker and Mr Mehra…its been an absolute privilege to work with all so far. It would be wonderful to work with experienced sensitive directors,writers and actors.

Who really inspires you in the film fraternity?

Aforementioned directors and other directors like Mr Shekhar Kapur, Miss Mira Nair, Mr Tarsem Singh, and Mr Shyamalan.

What is your personal style.

My style is very simple and minimal.

I also interviewed The leading Mirzya actors and director along with Adnan Kundi of The London Tree. Enjoy the video below.

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