Made In Chelsea Season 15 Press Day

Made In Chelsea Season 15

A few days ago I was at the Made in Chelsea Season 15 Press Day. Most of the cast was in attendance. It started off with some nibbles and cocktails. Then each group of cast members were invited on stage to shed some light on what they will be doing in Season 15.

A bit about Made in Chelsea. It’s a BAFTA award-winning structured reality TV series broadcast by E4 in UK. Made in Chelsea Chronicles the life of Young people in West London and south-west area of Belgravia, Kings Road and Knightsbridge And their travel to other places in the world like Dubai, Marrakech, South if France, Spain and many more. Made In Chelsea Season 15

I would like to say a big thank you to Dovile Diary Of A Moderate Socialite for taking all my photos.

I have met some people from the show previously but this was a more intimate one to one interviewing opportunity with the cast.

In series 15 we will be seeing Francis Boulle, Frederik Ferrier, Mark Francis, Louis Thompson, Jamie Laing, Oliver Proudlock, Victoria Barker, Alex Mytton, Sam Thompson, Sophie Hermann, Georgia Toffolo, Olivia Bentley, Frankie Gaff, Ryan Libbey, Mimi Bouchard, Sam Prince, Harry Baron, Digby Edgley, James Taylor, Sophie Haboo and Clementine Cuthbertson.

Are Sam and Tiffany getting back together? Has Frankie found someone? What are Louise and Ryan up to? Is Alik looking for someone in Chelsea? What is Jamie up to? Made In Chelsea Season 15

Many things were said in the interviews but I don’t want to give anything away.

Watch the show yourself every Monday 9 PM on E4 channel, starting 13th March 2018.

Olivia Bentley’s Top 5 Tips for Taking a Selfie

1- Lighting:

Light and is everything! Not your life is probably the best and you should always say it rather than it coming from behind you. It also helps high end by and gives you a natural glow.

2- Scenery:

When it comes to the setting of your selfie you should either have a very hectic background where are you are the central focus or have a very simple plain background. Anywhere in between the two can ruin your selfie and make it look very average. Made In Chelsea Season 15

3- Angles:

Whenever taking a selfie, hold your camera/phone higher than your face looking down on you and always your face looking down. When it comes to your expression natural smiley one are always the best but as long as it doesn’t look forced. Made In Chelsea Season 15

4- Filter:

Don’t over edit your photos before ultimately it can actually ruin them. Keep it simple and don’t airbrush you much before as natural as you may think it looks lovely, it really doesn’t. Also, I find that if your photo is slightly provocative. I tend to use a black and white filter so it’s less in your face and give it a more iconic look.

5- Quantity:

Always take loads of photos. It is very rare that you will get a good one on the first try.


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