Switch Up Your Beauty Routine For Spring


When you’re talking beauty, it’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut. There’s so much out there, and you lead a busy life.


So you find the routine that ‘sort of- suits you – that brand of shampoo you always buy for example, or that one moisturiser you quite like – and you just rinse and repeat.


But just as we use the change in seasons as a chance to reassess our health and what we’re eating, swapping carb-heavy winter dishes for lighter options – so we should periodically review the changing needs of our skin, hair and beauty routines.


Our needs will change over time, and there are always new breakthroughs that could turn out to be the best thing you ever did. But with so much choice out there, where should you start with revamping your beauty routine for spring?


Try a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask


With the change in temperatures, central heating use throughout the colder months and all the heat styling for parties, it’s little wonder that our locks can get dull, dried out and prone to breakage.


A deep conditioning mask once a week will get your hair in better condition just in time for spring. If you are experiencing a lot of breaking strands, or that stubborn hair that just won’t get past your shoulders, you could also look into products that make your hair grow.


Adding a biotin supplement can do wonders for improving your hair from the inside out. Try to skip heat styling as much as possible to let your hair recover – a great tip is to find a styling product that makes the most of your natural texture and tames locks without the need for a curler or straightener – good bets are modern-formula mousses or gels for natural curls, sea salt sprays for wavy hair and volume boosting products for straight locks.


Add a Smoothie or a Tea to Your Morning


It’s one simple step that could set you up right for the whole day – adding a vitamin-packed smoothie or a tea full of antioxidants to your morning can give you a beauty and wellness boost.


Frozen smoothie mixes eliminate the need for chopping and slicing – simply add some of the fruit mixes into your blender with milk, yoghurt or juice. Add extra items to them, such as powdered super greens or chia seeds can make them even more worthwhile and fill you up. Similarly, a beautifying tea can hydrate you, give your skin a glow, give you a sense of calm and provide a hit of skin-loving complexes.


Exfoliate Face, Body and Scalp

Exfoliating is the ultimate aid to beauty – it refreshes your skin, smooths away dead cells, helps products absorb better and revs up your circulation, stimulating cell turnover. So find the best exfoliators, not only for your body but your face and scalp.


Natural scrubs like coffee body scrubs with added coconut oils leave limbs silky and nourished, while if you don’t like the feeling of scratchy particles on your face, you can opt for a chemical powder exfoliant instead. For your scalp, scrubs based around natural sea salts are especially effective – you can even make your own with some olive oil and Himalayan rock salt.


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