Mercedes-Benz Man Perfume Review

Mercedes-Benz Man Perfume Review

Over the time, perfumes have become an important parts of our lives. We all have a different choice in perfumes and mostly they some what depict our personalities. Mercedes-Benz Man Perfume Review

Perfumes bring back memories, especially good ones. Mercedes-Benz Man Perfume Review

Valentine’s day 2017 is just around the corner and you may be looking for romantics perfumes for your husband or boyfriend.

Mercedes-Benz Man fragrance has an amazing romantic smell. This perfume will make you feel modern and sophisticated, both at the same time.

Mercedes-Benz Man Perfume Review

A Remarkable Aromatic Fragrance Mercedes-Benz Man Perfume Review

The Mercedes-Benz Man is a remarkable fragrance that can be used every day. With the woody toned ingredients found in this mythical brand, it will give you a powerful personality. 

The top notes that make this star fragrance unique

This star fragrance has some super top notes that make it unique and is as follow:

  • Top Note – for the woody tone aroma the palisander rosewood with oak moss gives a sophisticated smell
  • Middle Note – for the masculine elegance it has an intense aromatic scent augmented by cedar leaf and geranium bodies
  • The Base Note – for a fresh yet contemporary result the fruitiness of the pear blended with ambrette (Musk Mallow) seeds is superb

Available In Two Different Bottles

The Mercedes-Benz Man can be bought in two different stylish bottles of 50ml and 100ml. The perfume has a rich base with strong undertones that will make you go gaga. You can be sure that when you use the cologne, it will give you a great advantage in longevity and you will be complimented on your lifestyle.

A Work Of Art

Not only will the perfume give you a subtle but also masculine aroma. It will blend in well with your natural intoxicating pheromones. Even, better as sexy as the fragrance is the bottle is not too shabby either and a work of art. You can even display the bottle anywhere in the home.

Get your man the Mercedes-Benz for Man cologne at an affordable cost and bring out your wild side this Valentine’s Day.

Mercedes-Benz Man is exclusive to House Of Fraser and you can buy it right HERE.

Thank you Mercedes-Benz for this collaboration.

This product is a PR Sample.

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