Stylish Tips For Hanging Mirrors

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Mirrors are great accessories for any home, and aside from the obvious practical use, a few well-placed mirrors can do wonders for any setting. The placement is important, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on wall-hanging mirrors to ensure you make the most out of the accessories.

  • How To Hang A Mirror – In general, it is not a good idea to hang a mirror from a wire that is attached to the rear of the unit, as this is not a strong fixing. You are better off asking a professional to hang the mirror using special brackets, which offer a secure fixing. The heavier the mirror, the stronger the fixing needs to be, and regardless of the room, always check that the fixings are more than adequate to take the weight.
  • Using Wall Mirrors to Enhance a Wall Gallery – If you have created a wall gallery, a couple of well-placed mirrors make for the perfect accessories, and with cheap antique mirrors for sale by reputable online dealers, you can select the perfect mirrors without leaving the comfort of your own home. The right positioning can give the appearance that the expanse of wall is more spacious, which can also highlight the art.
  • Mirrors In The Hallway – Obviously, the hall is the ideal place for a mirror, as it gives you the opportunity to check your appearance before leaving home, yet by placing a small pair of antique wall mirrors, you can enhance the look of the hallway, and they mix well with a modern setting.
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  • Bathroom Mirrors – If you have a bathroom with limited space, a couple of mirrors that are angled to reflect the window will create an impression of a larger room, and whether antique or modern, the mirrors will make the room feel a little more spacious. There are some great images of hanging mirrors that you can find online, which might provide the inspiration you need.
  • Make Sure The Mirror Is Suitable For Hanging – Not all mirrors are designed to be hung on a wall, as some are what is known as “leaners”, while others have their own stand, so do check that the mirror you plan to hang, is designed for such a fixing. Floor length mirrors are mainly for bedrooms, and there are some stunning antique floor length mirrors that make for a great feature.
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  • Make A Room Appear Larger – If you place a couple of mirrors facing the window, this will give you an extra dimension created by the reflection, and by using light colours, this will be amplified.

If your home is of a modern or contemporary setting, a couple of small antique mirrors would make for ideal accessories, especially those with fancy and ornate frames, and the mixture of old and new does work, providing you don’t overdo it with the antiques.

If you would like to browse an extensive selection of quality antique and vintage mirrors, a Google search will help you to find a UK-based antique dealer, who would have a large collection of both antique and vintage mirrors of all styles and sizes.

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