Zoella: How To Be Successful Like Her

Zoella is a vlogger who makes videos on YouTube and is famously knows as the ‘Queen of Hauls’. She also has a Blog where she writes about her travel experiences, her thoughts and most importantly product reviews and hauls.

Zoella has become a huge sensation amongst youngsters and other bloggers and vloggers. I don’t want to go into the details of how big she has become. She has recently launched her book ‘Girl Online’ and also a beauty line.

A lot of people have already given their positive and negative criticism. I personally think she has been lucky and this whole blogging/vlogging thing has greatly worked for her. I am sure she has really worked hard, no doubt. But is it only her good luck, gorgeous looks and her way of talking that has made her successful? The answer is, NO! You could have everything it takes to be successful and still not be successful. So what is it that has made Zoella so successful.

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I will only talk about what I noticed that makes Zoella successful. In my opinion it is the combined effort of all the bloggers/vloggers that give each other an edge. I keep on preaching the ‘show love’ concept. The more love you show each other the more people will get to know you. Zoella’s vlogger boyfriend Alfie of the Pointless Blog fame, is often seen in her videos and blog posts, her brother Joe Sugg is also often seen and so are Louis of Sprinkle of Glitter and Tanya Burr. There are more YouTubers that I don’t know names of but they are all pretty big. I find this truly inspirational and phenomenal, how they feature each other in videos, blog posts, instagram photos and it really works in benefit of all of them.

I think people should learn from this group instead of showing hate. If one thing has worked for them and has made them famous, it does not mean that they have had it easy. It does take a lot of courage to push yourself everyday to make videos, in my experience working for yourself is the hardest thing because you are your own boss and can easily get carried away by laziness or demotivation. One should look at their strategies and learn for a serious career.

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“Zoella: How To Be Successful Like Her”
  • Hello! Just wanted to drop by and say great post; we particularly like the fact that you highlited the issue of a bloggers making an effort with other bloggers. Why not get in the habit of helping others become successful at something you’re trying to do as well – it shouldn’t be a competition and everyone will benefit from mutual effort. You make a very good point!

    Aleks and Sophie xx

  • I can admit that i was not really a regular watcher or reader of Zoe’s posts and videos but she was always mentioned somewhere, and it always made me want to look her up. Her beauty range launched and due to all the blogger publicity, it was something that i felt i wanted to buy even though i did not really know Zoe. Therefore, you are quite right that sharing the love does in fact create awareness, and what better way to get to know new people too.
    A lovely post.
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  • Thanks for a great post. Each Vlogger/Blogger must ask theirselves this question. How to become successful and have millions of followers?

    I believe that Zoella has been wise with her marketing strategy. No matter the subject you need to have a strategy online. That should involve the following.

    Blogger Collaboration (That Zoela has done successfully) – It can be lonely being a new blogger. Your posts won’t get many visits to begin with from organic search. That is why you should approach other bloggers and ask to collaborate. Working with others is more fun, and you can share your thoughts with like-minded people. A few examples that I am working on myself:

    1. Cross promotion – Write good quality blog posts on other sites in the same niche. Then link back to your site. I also invite the sites to add a quality post on my site; they can link back to their site with targeted keywords.

    2. Interview other bloggers/Vloggers, they can do the same with you.

    3. Comment on each others content.

    4. Mention your collaborating bloggers through your social networks. They can do the same for you.

    I think Zoella has done each of the above very well. She promotes other sites that rank high. They do the same for her. These high ranking sites help send new visitors. Her high ranking site sends fresh visitors back to them. Google loves this and rewards each of the sites. Five bloggers working together are better than one.

    Great post looking forward tot he next one.


  • This is so important! It happens everywhere that people are unsupportive of those around them, deeming them as ‘potential threats’ to their own success, but I agree with what you’ve said – it’s admirable about how tight-knit and supportive this YouTube group is, and I know that I personally only found out about any other Youtubers through Zoella featuring them!
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  • Really lovely post. I hadn’t considered Zoella’s tendency to feature and be featured in others work as a factor of her success, I had always put it down to a mixture of her good looks, and the type of content she was creating. All for sharing the love, even if it is a little intimidating as a new blogger to do so!


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