Everything A Man Needs for His Staple Wardrobe

While us girls can spend years collecting items for our wardrobe so that we have everything we need for the perfect outfit, sometimes the men in our lives are not as dedicated to the fashion gods. But it is just as important for them to have all the wardrobe staples required to look and feel great in different outfits. 

Fashion trends tend to come and go, but after a few years you can see most things coming back into fashion. Therefore, it can be useful to keep some items in your man’s wardrobe that he will be able to reuse later. With that in mind, here is a guide for everything your man needs for his staple wardrobe. 

A White Shirt

A white shirt is an item of clothing that will never go out of fashion and can be used for several occasions. Whether it is for a formal dinner or an evening out, having a crisp white shirt hanging in the wardrobe is a must-have addition. 

There is practically nothing that doesn’t go well with a buttoned shirt. You can pair a white shirt with a navy jumper to provide your man with a sophisticated look. However, a white shirt also looks great with a smart pair of chinos to achieve a more smart but casual look. 

Pair of Chino Trousers

Talking of chino trousers, they are an item of clothing that just keeps coming back into fashion. Your man needs a decent pair of trousers in his wardrobe to build the foundation for a stylish array of clothing options. You can get chino trousers in a wide range of colours which makes them a very versatile item to have in reserve. 

The best thing about your man having a pair of chinos in their wardrobe is that they can be used for any occasion and by any type of man.  Even an older gentleman can look stylish and sophisticated in a quality pair of chino trousers! They make for a smarter alternative to jeans, but aren’t as restrictive as smart trousers. 

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is an essential aspect of anyone’s wardrobe,but will make for a great addition to your man’s collection of clothes. A denim jacket is useful for both the winter and the summer months and is stylish enough to go with an evening-out ensemble. 

Your man can style a denim jacket by pairing it with a simple T-shirt, or on top of a sweater. Either way, it is a timeless staple that every man needs in his wardrobe. 

Chelsea Boots 

Everyone needs a decent pair of boots in their wardrobe, and by investing in a quality pair of Chelsea boots, your man can be comfortable as well as stylish. The Chelsea boots that are available at dunelondon.com are a must-have for the man in your life. They offer a boot that will appeal to any man, from a classic black leather look, to a suede style, and either stylewill provide him with a timeless, but on-trend look.


Trainers are an essential wardrobe staple. While it is important to have stylish clothes to make you feel great about yourself while you are out socialising, it is also important that you have stylish accessories to complement your day to day outfits. Therefore, it is essential that your man has a stylish but comfortable pair of trainers on hand. 

Establishing the foundations of a stylish wardrobe for your man may seem like a difficult task. However, by ensuring that he has each of these items in his wardrobe, he will never struggle to find something fashionable to wear!

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