Interview With Actress Mansha Pasha

The first time I saw Mansha Pasha was in the famous Sanam Saeed – Fawad Khan starrer: Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Mansha played Sanam Saeed’s sister and really caught my attention with her work.

The next time I saw her was in another drama Shehr e Ajnabi, co starring with Ahmad Ali. Yes, the male lead of the freshly released Pakistani film Laal Kabootar.

Mansha also played a pivotal role in the film Chalay Thay Saath which is a personal favourite of mine.

Her latest film Laal Kabootar has been getting a lot of praise. It has attained a great level of success. I got in touch with Mansha regarding her experience while shooting for the film.

What is your role in the film Laal Kabootar?

My role is that of Aliya, a woman whose life is drastically altered when something happens on the streets of Karachi. 

Did you research or shadow someone for your role? 

I did some research on the past couple of years in Karachi. I also shadowed a few people in my personal life who reminded me of the character. 

You have worked with Ahmed Ali in dramas before, what was it like to work with him in a film?

It was wonderful. Ahmed and I are good friends which became only better while filming. We often gave each other tips and a lot of support while promoting the film, which is quite a hefty task in itself. 

The film was shot in 38 days only, what was the experience like?

It was a wonderful experience. I feel quite blessed as its not often that there is a meeting of minds with the outcome also exceeding expectations. 

How challenging was it to work with Kamal Khan as he is a different kind of a director? 

It was a unique experience. Kamal does a lot of rehearsals and likes to throw the actor/character in unexpected situations to keep the spontaneity alive. It was challenging and a great learning experience. 

What other projects are you working on? 

I am currently finishing up a project for ARY Digital and reading scripts for the future projects.

Which do you find more interesting to work in, Dramas or Films? Which ones your favourite and why?

Its the role that’s interesting to me. I keep wanting to do new and challenging things be it drama or film. But I do feel the two mediums are so different which is why characters can be explored very differently.

What’s the one event that you can never forget while shooting for this film.

There’s one scene that was super stressful and a turning point of the film. We only had 2 hours to shoot it. It was very windy and the dust kept getting stuck in my lenses. I ended up taking off my lenses to do the scene and finally got it right.

What message would you like to give to the audiences?

Please go and watch the film. Its an experience and a half and trust me, you will enjoy yourself. Much love.

Mansha Pasha can be followed @manshapasha on Twitter & Instagram.

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