An Interview With DJ / Actor Fahad Panni

If you grew up in Islamabad in the 90s, you probably know that there were countable hang out places in the city, everyone fell asleep at around 8 o clock and it was very peaceful. One more thing that was quite notable was that there was only one Radio Channel, FM 100. Does it ring a bell? I remember driving back from our favourite pizza place with mom and dad, listening to the radio in our new Daewoo, with the windows down, feeling the cool monsoon breeze in our faces.

Do you also remember that at some point, there was only one english program on FM 100, DJed by Fahad Panni. The promo went like this: ‘Move it! Fahad Panni de naal’ (Move it with Fahad Panni). My brother and I were glued to our landline phone and the radio at around 7pm, trying to call into his show to get our favourite songs played. Thanks to the low population of Islamabad, we mostly succeeded. I also remember Arno James and Sheryl Malik, how time flies. It seems just like yesterday.

I could go on and on listing memories of the city I grew up in.

Today I’m interviewing someone we have fond memories of. He was well known in our school mainly for being ‘the famous DJ’. He is currently working in the much awaited film: ‘Janaan’.

fahad panni interview 2016

Tell us a little about yourself. 

I’m an artist to begin with. I’m a disc jockey, a radio broadcaster, an actor and a producer. I am also a designer, an event designer and a production designer. I own and manage a media company called  The Genuine Idea (TGI).

Your journey from a DJ to an Actor and now a business man, how has it all been?

It’s been a long ride. I started from being a radio broadcaster a week before my 15th birthday to DJing to mainstream modeling to fashion event coordination and design to moving in to a media house that owned airtime on the national television at a time when we had no satellite channels as an anchor, actor, producer & manager productions. From there to a record label come communications company Indispensable Communications that launched Atif Aslam’s Jalpari album, Abbas Ali Khan, Arieb Azhar, Shahzad Ali. Then I moved to a telecom overlooking its products in south region of Pakistan as a marketing manager. I was also teaching at an arts & media university and then finally decided to work on my own.

fahad panni interview

How did you start acting and why?

Radio teaches how and what to speak. The highs and lows of speech. Modelling teaches eye contact and body language so television anchoring and acting becomes the next possible result. After 7 years of radio broadcasting and 5 years of modeling in 2002 I did my first television play & television entertainment program hosting.

What was your first appearance as an actor? 

In a play called ‘’Aik Gharana, Naya Purana’’

Which actor do you look up to as a role model and why?

I don’t actually look up to one as a role model but I like:

  1. Robert De Niro – his depth of characters is beyond words, solid to the core
  2. Jhonny Depp – his casual approach to the character makes it unbelievably real
  3. Amir Khan – he simply transforms his ability to blend in to a character like no one does

What is your favorite film and why?

Difficult to pin one, there are many for many reasons. Other than a story, I analyze the production design, the editing, the graphic, the complete story telling etc. I watch a movie by view of a production designer and a producer so it’s kind of an unusual eye.

Favorites would include Godfather, Brave heart, Matrix, Back to the Future, X-Men, Three Idiots.

What other hidden talents do you have?

I love interior design.

Which films/dramas have you worked in so far? 

 Aik Gharana, Naya Purana


Kisay Kahania

Aarau – Telefilm

The End – Telefilm

Film: Janaan (Debut Film)

Which projects are in the pipe line?

Film Janaan is in pipeline. Due to be premiered on 13th September 2016, four days after my birthday.

Work is also in progress for a remix album. To start off from where the great Bally Sagoo left.

fahad panni interview

Tell us a little about Janaan and your role in it.

The story is of a pathan family and revolves around the culture and family values. It touches a social issue as well. In short it’s a romantic comedy for families to enjoy.

I’m in the second lead. My character is of a pathan living abroad who is visiting his family.

What message would you like to give to my readers? 

Never lose hope, keep your feet firm on the ground you stand and let no one convince you that ‘this can’t be done’.

fahad panni interview

Fahad’s Social Media






Lux Style Awards 2003 best male model nominee

Permanent member of NAB USA (National Association of Broadcasters)

Among the pioneers of FM Broadcast Industry in Pakistan

Pioneer of launching the first ever USB broadband in Pakistan at WorldCall Telecom

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“An Interview With DJ / Actor Fahad Panni”
  • I am his greatest fan ever that is alive, cz the rest stopped living nd pursuing life which he made us enjoy so much during his hour of the program… i have never met him in person but have always been an ardent admirer of his work nd especially his voice.. nd the way he delivers nd conveys what he wants to say..
    i remember being on my rooftop nd trying to configure the radio frequency where i could get the best signals nd clear voice.. i had a spoon tied to the antenna so that i could get the best signals, as i live in a hilly area.
    I used to get scolded by my siblings for being “ghayab” in that time when it was his show time nd then coming back from rooftop always smiling nd hyming the songs he played in his channel..
    I never got a chance to call in his show cz i never wanted to miss a single moment of his show..
    Wish him all the success in the world and may he be full of all those energizing life that he made us beleive in nd wish him a very happy birthday, as its after 2 days 🙂

    • Thank you so much Bia Jadun, your words mean so much to me, as genuine encouragement is something rare in our culture. I wish I keep getting chances to entertain people like you for coming years as well.

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