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Ohh Deer gifts have more than 35 Illustrators spanned over several countries. They have a quirky but unique brand that supports other illustrators with superb creative talent.

Ohh Deer gifts started out with Jamie Mitchell and Mark Callaby and one of the biggest, quirkiest online gift stores available today. I am proud to be an Ohh Deer brand ambassador.

Here is a daily planner in grey marble colour and a three mini notebook set from Ohh Deer. If you are in need of loads of different things, they are the quirkiest place to be for gifts, stationery, clothing and accessories.

You can find a wide range of the strangest items to gift to a friend and everything in between. As you can see, the daily planner is a big help to me to plan all my important blogging items, as everyone needs one. So are the mini notebooks and they are so cute!

You need to check out some of the other Monthly Planners in the range like the Marine Monthly Planner as it has lovely white and marine blue stripes. The planner has a 52-week plan to jot down your day-to-day notes and has an included loop to keep your pen in one place. We all know how we can misplace our pens.

It also has a plastic sleeve cover to keep it nice and clean so easy to wipe down. Another great thing is that you do not have to wait for the New Year to arrive to use it. There are no specific dates, so buy one now and start using it.

Some other great things are the recycled notebooks from them so they are friendly to Mother Nature as well. Choose from hair clips to paper clips at Ohh Deer available online here! Check them out. We know you want to and you will not be sorry.


ohh deer gifts urban outfitters planner notebooks

ohh deer gifts urban outfitters planner notebooks

ohh deer gifts urban outfitters planner notebooks

ohh deer gifts urban outfitters planner notebooks




Free stock images are hard to find, especially unique ones. So I am giving away some images taken by me for your own website or blog. Please feel free to use these and also don’t forget to mention me when you do it.

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