Top 3 Latest Halloween Step-By-Step Makeup Ideas

Halloween 2016 is just around the corner and aren’t we all looking for some makeup inspiration? Here is some inspiration and step by step tutorials from 3 great instagrammers. Hope you can recreate these looks and don’t forget follow them for more inspiration.

Halloween Makeup Idea 1:

I first put primer and foundation on my face. I set my everything with matte powder.

I then marked the outline of the nose, eyes, and mouth with white eyeliner. I also marked lines to accent my cheekbones.

I then filled in the outlined areas with black. I made the lines framing my mouth wispy and I didn’t worry too much about getting the eye/nose outline too perfect because I’d be messing them up later.

I used black eyeshadow to shade underneath my one cheekbone and some area under one eye. I drew wispy straight lines underneath the eyes.

Then, I used a precise liner brush to paint a tree-like shape framing the unshaded cheekbone. I carried the forms of branches down my neck and above my brow.

I looked over empty spaces on my face and decided what to put there without really thinking. If you do this, just keep the forms of your face in mind. Be light-handed with your brush and let the strokes accent your face instead of making specific shapes. You could also add a splash of color, like the red I used.

After that, I went in with white and highlighted some areas I felt looked too flat. That’s how I got the finished look.

Halloween Makeup Inspiration 2:

I used some of my favorite long lasting products from SeneGence to create this makeup look. I used a MAC 130SH to apply all over pale face color (I used Lancome 90 Iviore N). I then set my foundation with a beauty blender with MAC’s Prep and Prime Translucent powder.

I used SeneGence Shadow Snow under my eyes to create a very white highlight. I then I used SeneGence Shadow Onyx and Amethyst to create the points above my eyebrows and below my eyes, the circle on my nose and the designs on my cheeks. I used a MAC 217 blending brush to blend the designs along my  cheeks.

For my lips I over lined my bottom lip and created a “fan” that would connect to my top lip with Blackberry LipSense (from SeneGence) with a mac 266. I also used it to create points on my upper lip. I filled everything in with Blackberry and then topped the middle of my bottom and top lip with Purple Reign LipSense.

Halloween 2016 Idea 3: 

I wanted to create something different this Halloween! Inspired by the TV series ‘Once Upon A Time’ where Red Riding hood IS the Wolf, I wanted to combine them in 1 half and half look. This look is completely created using only beauty cosmetic products (except from a small amount of liquid latex which you can buy from SFX or fancy dress stores)

I actually did the wolf side properly first but before I started I needed to get the liquid latex down on the red riding hood side so it would be drying. I sketched out roughly the shape that the cut marks would be using a nude eye pencil (I used NYX Wonder Pencil in Light)

Using a metal spatula I decanted some liquid latex onto a steel palette and used the spatula to place the latex on my cheek around the edges of the drawn out cuts, smoothing down the edges into my skin as I went. I repeated this twice leaving drying time in between to build up the edges. While this is drying we can start the wolf!

On the other side of my face I applied a tacky primer (NYX HD Primer) and started by using an extremely light foundation mixed with a white foundation mixer to the lighter areas of the wolf face, then used grey eyeshadows to darken certain areas of the face using a photo of a wolf as reference.

I used a black eyeshadow and a wet brush to sculpt the shape of my new wolf eye and flick out the edges in hair like strokes, I also used this for my brows.

NYX make a black gel liner as well as a white one. I used the spatula and palette to make varying shades of grey and black by mixing the 2. Using an angled brush I was then able to use my reference photo to add hair strokes over the entire side of my face where the light and darker areas of the wolf are, paying particular attention to areas I would normally contour.

I used black gel liner to paint my nose and lip, bringing the corners of the mouth up a bit to replicate the wolves mouth.

We should be done with the wolf, so I went back and primed my red riding hood side before applying a layer of stick foundation to the whole side, including the areas with liquid latex, then setting the whole thing with a loose translucent powder.

I applied my makeup reasonably normally here using a small amount of bronzer and blush as red riding hood would generally be fresh faced. I used neutral shadows to blend into the crease of the eye, applied my NYX Glitter primer and gold glitter to the lid and finished with winged liner and a falsie! (And I shaped my brows with NYX brow gel)

The edges of the cut looked raised but not very ‘cut-like’ at this point. I used a red liquid lipstick to fill them in and dabbed some excess around the edges with my finger. I used darker liquid lipsticks and a black eyeshadow nearer to the edges of the inside of the wounds to create dimension, and smudged some black eyeshadow around the outside of the cuts to create a dirtier look. I finished them off by added some small dabs of clear gloss to the wounds to make them look wetter.

I used a red liquid lipstick and applied to just this half of my lips to add contrast to the wolf side.

After adding the cape and pinning a wolf ear (which I made by just cutting some faux fur and pinning) to it, you’re all done.

What do you think about these halloween makeup ideas? Comment below to ket us know.

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