Yoga At Shard With Forever Living UK & Kristina Rihanoff

Yoga is an amazing exercise. I do yoga from time to time to get rid of body tension, aches and pains. This time I was invited to The Shard to do Yoga with Kristina Rihanoff of the Strictly Come Dancing fame in collaboration with Forever Living UKYoga Shard Forever Living UK & Kristina Rihanoff

Yoga Shard Forever Living UK & Kristina Rihanoff

April Whitlow has previously reviewed Forever UK’s Infinite Skincare Set for my blog HERE and its a super hit among facial skincare lovers. Yoga Shard Forever Living UK & Kristina Rihanoff


The goody bag consisted of an ARGI+ water bottle, some healthy snacks and the ARGI+ yoga mat which is amazing quality. I regularly use it at home to do yoga. Yoga Shard Forever Living UK & Kristina Rihanoff

Kristina gave us a nice introduction to her career and how she manages to live her life healthy and fit. She owes a big one to Aloe Vera. She recalls how when she got hurt, her grandma would use fresh Aloe Vera gel right from the Aloe Vera plant to soothe her bruise down.

Today Forever Living UK are known for its Aloe Vera drinks which are regularly used by Kristina.

In attendance was also Made In Chelsea’s Harry Baron. I’ve met Harry before hence here’s a photo from when I was promoting Season 15.

Made In Chelsea Season 15

Many other bloggers attended the Yoga event and it was nice to meet them.

I must also mention 2 of forever UK skincare products which are just out of this world:

These are both a part of my daily skincare routine and I’ve noticed a great change in my skin. The skin replenisher gets absorbed in your skin very nicely and does not leave any residue behind. You can safely use it before applying your foundation. It gives a great bright look to your skin and is a natural highlighter in my view. I can’t stress enough how much I love this product.




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