Silkn FaceTite Review

A facelift is not for everyone. You want a more defined face, jaw, and neckline. We all want to look our best and spending a fortune to look young does not fit into everyone’s budget.

You are in luck!

FaceTite from Silkñ, with this device, you can enjoy a blade-less, scarless surgical procedure in the comfort of your home.

The anti-ageing device can help repair your skin’s collagen and elastin fibres, strengthening it to the deepest layers.

Silkn FaceTite Review

What Makes the Silkñ FaceTite Anti-Aging Procedure Unique?

You do not need to visit a Cosmetic Clinic and pay a fortune to have the FaceTite procedure done.

It is painless!

There is no local anaesthetic or removal of fat. As a result, you have no swelling or bruising causing you downtime from work.

An Easy Face-lift at Home

The FaceTite anti-ageing device offers you painless facelift procedure at home. With the apparatus, you can tighten your skin and reduce age spots with the revolutionary HT (home tightening technology.) Therefore, the HT device, can make your skin look and feel younger.

How Does The Home Tightening Technology Device Work?

The anti-ageing device has a compact design that fits comfortably in your hand.

Silkn FaceTite Review

You get everything you need included in the set

No matter what skin type you have you can use it. Included with the package you get a travel package with power supply, Slider Gel and instruction manual.

Silkn FaceTite Review

Comfortably use it anywhere on the facial and neck skin.

You can use it on your chin, cheeks, forehead, neck, and jawline making it versatile to use. The procedure is painless with the three energy sources available.

These energy sources are bipolar RF, thermal IF, and LED light that helps obtain optimal results. The trio works together to help fight the signs of ageing.

Silkn FaceTite Review

You get excellent results

Together they transport heat from the outer skin layer to the deeper layers of fat. Your skin’s heated to 43° Celsius and the deeper layers heated to 50°C. You get a pleasantly warm feeling to help with the contracting of fibres to tighten the skin.

The HT technology penetrates deeply into the skin and repairs damaged tissue. After each treatment, you will find your skin looking younger and softer.

The best of all it only takes 15-minutes to treat each facial area twice a week for optimal results. Included you get a year warranty as well.

Is It Effective?

Yes, it is if you use it as recommended. You will notice a change after using it twice a week. The treatment does feel a bit numbing if you need to apply 15-minutes of pressure on each area. However, it is worth it to achieve the best results. Get yours today and start your facelift at home to feel and look younger.

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